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Ready-to-use coarse-grained polymer filler is an excellent choice for indoor finishing of buildings. Easily applied and fast-drying.
Use. For levelling of concrete, gypsum boards, plastered and other mineral surfaces before painting with water disperse paints and wallpapering. Good adhesion. Elastic, easily polished to form very smooth surfaces. Suitable for minor surface irregularities, gaps and cracks. Recommended for applying the first filling layer.

Maximum thickness of one layer of filler is 3-4 mm. If the IGIS DL filler is used for the first layer, it is recommended to use the IGIS KR or the IGIS MR fine-grained filler for the final filling layer. After the IGIS DL filler layer has dried, the surface needs to be sanded using abrasive mesh of 100 and 150 in roughness and the sanding dust is removed. Wash the tools thoroughly in water once you have finished all the work. Do not prime the filled surface before painting.

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